Founded in 2017, WHISCO Consultants Inc. originate from Quintiq projects in the Metals Manufacturing industry. Registered in Canada, WHISCO is active in Europe and MENA.

WHISCO provides consultancy on implementation of advanced customized optimization solutions to tackle complex puzzles. Our expertise and competences in supply chain optimization consultancy are the advantage we offer to all our customers.

World-wide recognition

WHISCO Consultants have worked more than 15 years in APS projects spanning the Supply Chain in diverse industry sectors, including metals manufacturing (mainly aluminium and copper), food and energy. Our specialization in Supply Chain Management consulting, offer our customers new solutions for information management in operational processes, while maintaining alignment with company goals.

Together with our customers, our consultants have been doing significant work, that has led to a number of National Information Technology and Logistics Awards in Greece and, in 2017, the Global ICT Excellence Award (Taiwan) and the Supply Chain Excellence Award in Manufacturing (London).