Quintiq implementations, Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS), Supply Chain Management, Operations Management, Transportation, Logistics, and Project Management.


Founded in 2017, WHISCO Consultants Inc. originate from Quintiq projects in the Metals Manufacturing industry. Registered in Canada, WHISCO is active in Europe and MENA.

WHISCO provides consultancy on implementation of advanced customized optimization solutions to tackle complex puzzles. Our expertise and competences in supply chain optimization consultancy are the advantage we offer to all our customers.

World-wide recognition

WHISCO Consultants have worked more than 15 years in APS projects spanning the Supply Chain in diverse industry sectors, including metals manufacturing (mainly aluminium and copper), food and energy. Our specialization in Supply Chain Management consulting, offer our customers new solutions for information management in operational processes, while maintaining alignment with company goals.

Together with our customers, our consultants have been doing significant work, that has led to a number of National Information Technology and Logistics Awards in Greece and, in 2017, the Global ICT Excellence Award (Taiwan) and the Supply Chain Excellence Award in Manufacturing (London).

Mission and vision

Our mission is to empower our customers, providing high performance impact by eliminating losses while maximizing profits. Help them improve their supply chains end-to-end, by intelligent planning, scheduling and optimization solutions, and by providing project management, consulting, development and training in S&OP platforms.

Our vision is to become a leader in Supply Chain Planning and Optimization Consultancy in South Eastern Europe.


What we are Best at:

Our approach aims at harmonizing technology with operational processes and business goals, in order to achieve the company’s objectives.

  • Consultancy and Implementation services for S&OP optimization solutions

WHISCO Consultants offer solutions and support all phases of advanced planning and Supply Chain optimization, enabling cost reduction while increasing effectiveness and improving business operations.

Our service in Supply Chain optimization comprises project management, evaluation and scope definition in order to determine potential improvement resulting from optimization activities, design and implementation of SCM/APS systems. Various levels of planning include strategic multi-scenario planning, master production planning and production scheduling.

Moreover workforce scheduling, demand management – S&OP, Supply Chain performance management, transportation, logistics are areas of our strengths.

Our expertise has been applied to Supply Chains in diverse industry sectors, while projects have been carried out in UK, Greece, Saudi Arabia and Bulgaria. Experience includes installations with a variety of Software Tools, including Quintiq, Asprova, SAP, APO, OM Partners and DELMIA Ortems.

  • Post go-live support, Service and Maintenance

Achieving a “Technically live” APS installation by itself is not an easy task.  In WHISCO, we realise that different skills and tactics are necessary to reap the extensive Business Benefits of such implementations and to ensure sustained functionality of the application and alignment with new business needs and changing environment.

Our proven success stories are the input we bring to our customers to make the step from a “Technically live” to an “Efficient” APS installation, to ensure that together we maximize the tangible business benefits possible for their company.

Software maintenance and evolution are inevitable activities stimulated by user-generated requests for change and improvements. In WHISCO we provide our customers with maintenance services of high speed, together with accuracy of change while reducing costs. We help them identify key problems and suggest promising solution strategies, while preserving the integrity of our customers’ APS system.



Our team of consultants are professionals with proven extensive experience in Project Management – more than 100 years cumulative experience – in Advanced Planning and Scheduling projects. Our main objective is to understand our customers’ business and offer them our know-how while guiding them to implement their APS projects in an effective and efficient way.

The expertise of WHISCO Consultants has been applied to a multitude of supply chains: Metals Manufacturing (Aluminium, Copper and Steel), Food Manufacturing, Transportation and Energy sector. Recent Projects have been carried out in United Kingdom, Greece, Bulgaria and the Middle East.

Our experience includes installations with a variety of Software Tools, including Quintiq, Greycon, Asprova, SAP, APO, OM Partners and DELMIA Ortems. The main optimization system, although not the only one supported by WHISCO, is the Quintiq platform, which is recognized both for its state-of-the-art software technology and in-depth understanding of business processes.


In Whisco, we undertake every single engagement with enthusiasm and commitment that is superior to simply selling services to our customers.  Projects are collaborative activities that are performed together with our customers and often also with our sub-contractors.

Our constantly growing portfolio of collaborations includes the following:









Whisco is open for Business Consultants, IT Specialists and Optimization Experts, preferably Quintiq certified, with experience and enthusiasm to solve real puzzles.

Please send your Cover Letter and CV (including photo) to info[at]whisco.eu.


Contact info

10405 Jasper Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5J 3N4, Canada